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Commission Guidelines

If you are interested in commissioning me, you must agree to the Terms of Service I have listed here. Please read this document carefully and feel free to reach out to me on the contact tab of this site or artistree link at the bottom if you are ready to start your commission or have questions regarding the process!


1. Initial information

2. Payment 

3. Commission Process

4. Rights

5. Refunds

6. Subject matter I will/will not draw

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1. Initial Information

1.1 - By buying any artwork from me, you agree to these terms of service;

1.2 - I reserve the right to decline any kind of commission request.

1.3 - I reserve the right to alter these terms for service, any change made will not affect old clients that already read and agreed to these terms.

1.4 - I only start work after the FIRST payment. See Payment section for more information.

1.5 - Depending on the complexity and scale of your commission, the entire process can take anytime between a few days to a few months. Please understand that I need to eat, sleep and take time off too! However, if you have a deadline that needs to be met, I would be more than happy to discuss a time frame with you to ensure your commission is complete as close to the deadline as possible!


2. Payment

2.1 - Payments are made through PayPal Invoice only. Do not send me any other form of payment or it will be refunded.


2.2 - All payments must be made in USD.

2.3 - Invoices not paid in three business days will cancel a commission request. However, if you need more time, it can be discussed with me.

2.4 - Commissions equal to or below $200 USD should be paid fully upfront for my own security.

2.5 - For larger projects surpassing $200 USD, a different pricing structure will be used to make payment easier for you, the client, and my security. See Artwork Process section for more information.

2.6 - The final, high-resolution file will be sent out to you only when 100% of the payment is made. Any WIP (works in progress) images will have a visible watermark and be in low resolution during the whole commission progress until your final approval and the payment is complete. 


3. Commission process

3.1 - For commissions exceeding $200 USD, a flat $25 USD consultation fee in addition to the total commission price is required. This is to ensure that you, the client, are serious about your commission purchase, and that my time will be valued discussing your project.

- If you follow me on one social media platform, the consultation fee is $15 USD.

- If you follow me on all social media platforms, the consultation fee is $5 USD.

*please screenshot or show visible proof of following me for these discounts to be applied.

For commissions $200 USD and under, the same consultation fees/discounts apply, but the rest of the payment must be sent in full to start the drawing process. WIP's during the commission's duration will still be watermarked and low resolution until your final approval. 

During this process, we will discuss what your vision is for your custom art piece. It is highly recommended you share as much as possible about your vision to me in order for a smooth commission process.

Examples of things that would be very useful would be:

- character model sheets to ensure I draw your OC(s) as faithful as possible to their design

- reference images for important parts of the artwork you want to be prominent, such as backgrounds, props, effects, character specific details, mood, etc.

- a brief synopsis detailing what your commission is about.


3.2 - After the consultation process and initial fee, you are required to pay 1/4 of the total commission price in order to start the official drawing process. At this point, you will receive 1-4 rough sketches, depending on the complexity of the piece. You are allowed ONE free major edit to one of the sketches. Any additional major edits will be a $5 USD flat fee. When the sketch is approved by you, we will move on to the next part of the process.

3.3 - After the sketch approval, I will move on to the coloring and rendering proof stage. You are required to pay an additional 1/4 of the total commission price to see these proofs. During this stage, I will provide different colors and lighting scenarios of the sketch you approved to choose what best fits the mood for your piece. You get ONE free major edit (within reason). After your color and rendering approval, we will move on to the final phases of your commission.   

3.4 - You are allowed to request  WIP's free of charge from here on out during the final painting and rendering stages of your commission. You can request last minute minor edits (hand positioning, face readjustments, etc.) during this phase by paying an additional 1/4 of the total commission price.

3.5 - When the piece is completed and you approve of the final polish, you must pay the last 1/4 of the total commission price, OR the last 2/4 if you didn't request any edits during the painting process detailed in the section above (3.4).

3.6 - Upon receiving the final payment, you will be given the completed, high resolution artwork without the watermark. 


4. Rights

4.1 - I retain all rights over my work. Full rights include but are not limited to the right to use, publish, reproduce, and sell the works as prints.

4.2 - You always have the rights over your universe, characters, etc. I will not own the rights of your stories, subjects and contents, only of my labor.

4.3 - You can use the completed artwork for personal use and post it anywhere and whenever you want to. All I ask is to please credit me as the artist when you do so, and post links to my social media accounts.   

4.4 - You are not allowed to remove my signature/logo from the artwork, but you can ask for cropped versions to use for wallpapers, icons/avatars, etc.


5. Refunds

5.1 - You will get a 100% refund if I cancel the commission(not the consultation fee, the commission price), or if you cancel the commission before I start working on it.

5.2 - If I already began physically drawing your commission, you will get the refund of the initial payment minus the total of hours I already have spent on it ($25 per hour).

5.3 - I will only be able to refund if I have the available money necessary on my Paypal account, and it will be transferred back to you as soon as I have the money to refund.


6. Subject matter I will/will not draw

6.1 - Things I will draw:

  • Portraits/avatar icons

  • D&D character art 

  • Concept art sheets

  •  Backgrounds/environments

  •  Splash Art

  •  Action scenes

  •  Romantic scenes

  •  Anime 

  • Fan Art

  •  Anthro/Furry 

  •  NSFW* please credit these types of subject matter under my 18+ social media accounts. I will provide them upon completing your commission.

  •   Tasteful/Artistic Nudity

  •   Vanilla consensual sexual situations/implications and fetishes (Implied and literal sexual acts, bondage, sexual bodily fluids, etc.)

  •    This list is not finite. You are free to talk with me about the subject matter that isn't present on this list before the consultation, and I may consider going forward with your commission if I am ok with it.

6.2 - Things I won't draw:

  • Extreme fetishes (vore, inflation, scat/urine/blood, gore, extreme obesity, rape, humiliation, etc.)

  • Controversial themes (politics, hate crime, blackmail, suicide, etc.)

  • Hyperrealism (portraits, photobashed sci fi, etc.)

  • Mecha


You can contact me for commissions and other relevant information on the contact tab or artistree link below. Looking forward to working with you!


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